Elliot Liss is a portrait photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. He specializes in lifestyle and editorial photography, capturing the essence of his subjects in a natural and authentic way.

Growing up, Elliot always had a passion for photography.

He spent countless hours in the darkroom, developing film and experimenting with different techniques.

After Graduating, Elliot started his own photography business, focusing on portrait and lifestyle photography.

He quickly gained a reputation for his ability to capture the unique personalities of his subjects, and his work has been featured in numerous publications.

In addition to his portrait work, Elliot has also worked on editorial assignments for a variety of clients, including fashion brands, magazines, and corporate clients. His editorial work has taken him all over the country and his images have been recognized for their stunning composition and evocative storytelling.

When he’s not behind the camera, Elliot enjoys traveling and exploring new cultures, riding bikes and being with friends.

Today, Elliot Liss is recognized as one of the leading portrait photographers in the industry, with a portfolio that showcases his exceptional talent and creative vision.