AppleBox Team

From producing music videos for the likes of Usher, Ludacris, and award-winning short films, to building sets and casting talent for commercials, I’ve had experience in many areas of film production.

My ideal work environment is creative, cultured, and organized. In my experience, no project is accomplished alone, so working alongside teams that are driven, focused, flexible, and live in the solution, no matter the circumstances, is crucial for a conducive and well-working environment.


Jacob Kiesgen

I started my career in the entertainment accounting industry then transitioned to the freelance world as a Production Coordinator, Production Manager and Production Supervisor, for over 8 years. I am now the Cofounder and Head of Production at AppleBox Productions. My focus is monitoring the progress of our productions//projects & strategizing for the big picture.

I have lived in Atlanta my entire life and reside in Stone Mountain with my husband and three Bernese Mountain Dogs, Randy, River & Noodles. When I’m not in the office, you can find me getting my hands dirty in the gardens or playing with the dog pack. 


Jessica Johnson

Beginning my line of work in the production department of the commercial film industry, I’ve expanded my horizons to Operations that over the years have ranged throughout the Film, Music and Live sports events. You can find me assisting in the day-to-day agenda of various projects and brands utilizing our space as well as working alongside our valued clients from all over the world to make them feel at home.

Our overall goal at AppleBox Productions and Snackbox Studios is to provide the best service to allow the creation of the best product!



With over 8 years of commercial film production, working in just about every department, I know a thing or two on how to execute productions on budget but with creative integrity.

My ideal work environment is fun, focused and authentic. Film is a team sport and that’s a culture I support heavily on all my productions. I like to hire crews that are not only right for the job but can also foster a familiar feeling on set. We are all here to do something great together no matter the obstacles or challenges.



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